The starting point for The Roseate Ganges was a sense of nostalgia and a reference to Modernist India to build a quiet refuge from urban, city life. Our aim was to reduce the visual noise and unnecessary clutter, creating an austere yet warm space for reflection and introspection.  We wanted to juxtapose the raw and finished, the hard and soft; to create an experience of understated luxury. We’ve used natural materials such as hardwood, granite, marble and brass to lend warmth to the spaces. These materials have been used thoughtfully for long lasting use and give a sense of permanence.

The buildings are designed inside out, their main aim is to take away the focus from the man made to the nature. The colour of the buildings is reminiscent of the grey elephant; which even though big still blends in with the jungle. Reception block has a spa, gym, bar, restaurant, a coffee shop, infinity pool and a terrace restaurant. Each space has a distinct character yet tries to blend into each other.

The focal point of each room is the view of the forest and connect with the landscape. The skylight in the bathrooms gives a feeling of being in the open and experience the natural light throughout the day. Large balconies give sense of privacy and are a very prominent part of the experience.  We’ve used white marble and hardwood to lend a sense of warmth which is juxtaposed with raw concrete plaster to take away the attention from the indoors.